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Charms & Bead Bracelets - Fusion Jewellery

These charm and bead bracelets are beautiful. They come in Pink, Red, and Blue. They are fresh and stylish.

Why not purchase one of each colour.

No two bracelets are the same, there are slight variations in the beads and charms.

Pink Charm BraceletPink Charm Bracelet

Code: CBSB-003 £15.00


Red Charm BraceletRed Charm Bracelet

Code: CBSB-002 £15.00

Please see our Video Gallery


Blue Charm BraceletBlue Charm Bracelet

Code: CBSB-001 £15.00

Please see our Video Gallery


Combo Charm Bracelets - Red, Pink and BlueCombo - 1x Pink, 1x Red, and 1x Blue Charm Bracelets

Code: CBSB-004 £37.00

We regularly update our costume and fashion jewellery to compliment the current trends in the fashion industry.





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